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Applications of 
Silent Panel

Silent Panel is an ecological panel to be used on floors, walls and ceilings, resulting in an outstanding reduction of airborne and impact sound. Silent Panel reduces footfall noise (IIC**) and block airborne sound (STC*) all in one step. Silent Panel is designed specificly for new and existing buildings of any structure.  


Floor Construction - Sound insulation

Silent Panel can be installed easily and quickly in wood or concrete floors.
Silent Panel can be used on many floor types, with any sub floor assembly, without making any changes to your current construction.



Wall Construction - Sound Insulation

Silent Panel dramatically reduces sound vibration and improved soundproofing performance in commercial, residential and industrial walls, floors and ceilings.



For extraordinary soundproofing and noise reduction and to eliminate every sound leak, Silent Panel comes with shiplapped edges.



* STC = Sound Transmission Class

** IIC = Impact Insulation Class