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Sound / Noise issues

As more cities and states legislate strict sound control ordinances, finding effective solutions
becomes paramount.

Consequently Architects, Developers, and Builders are forced to find building products that will meet these tough building codes. Installing effective sound attenuating products during new construction is more cost effective than attempting to solve a sound problem after completion.


The problem of sound attenuation in buildings, condominiums, and apartments is rarely addressed properly. Desiring maximum usage of the property, designs generally include a common slab and block or studs walls separating the units. If the building is multi-level, there are wooden floor joists and ceiling joists throughout the units. To this structure studs, fiberglass insulation and drywall are added. This design is not an effective sound barrier.
The reason is that there is still a mechanical connection from one unit to the other.

By installing Silent Panel, sound can be effectively stopped before it vibrates into the structure.  
Silent Panel reduces footfall noise (IIC**) and block airborne sound (STC*) all in one step. 


* STC = Sound Transmission Class

**IIC = Impact Insulation Class