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Product Silent Panel

Silent Panel

Silent Panel is the unique soundproofing system which can be used in any residential, commercial and industrial bulding structure. 




Silent Panel also can be installed in power stations and machine-buildings as an airborn sound insulating system and sound absorber.                  

Silent Panel is a green product which reduces extraordinarily the airborn and the impact sound. Silent Panel is made of heavy masses in free form. The filling material consists of biological pure mineral mix.   

The airborn sound corresponds to the acoustic waves which spreads in the air and are in the frequency range of the human hearing. The sound is typically produced by people, animals or machines. With Silent Panel the airborn sound is reduced up to 85%. 

The impact sound appears from the movement of people on a floor and is heard in the same or in other rooms. The impact sound depends oh the characteristics of the floor: surface and insulating filling materials.

With Silent Panel the impact sound is reduced up to 80% .

For extraordinary soundproofing and noise reduction and to eliminate every sound leak, Silent Panel comes with shiplapped edges.



Silent Panel is the only soundproofing product that addresses both:

airborn and impact sound


Silent Panel benefits

up to 67 STC Airborne sound insulation (STC = Sound Transmission Class)

up to 64 IIC Impact sound insulation (IIC = Impact Insulation Class)

soundproofing for walls, floors and ceilings

for new build, conversion, remedial and refurbishment projects

no sound leaks and flanking transmission (1.5“ shiplap edges)

green and natural product

Silent Panel is a Natural Product which is breathable, pollutant free and odourless

only 15mm - 5/8“ thick which avoids problems with door thresholds and refitting skirting in refurbishments

fast and easy instalation

easy to fit and cut

speed of installation time and low cost labour

free of dirt, no dehydration time

acoustic insulation which adds Thermal Mass to lightweight structures


Silent Panel

The green soundproofing system that can be used to supress sound through floors or walls in acoustically challenging applicaitons; reducing impact sound, sound deading through walls and floors in any construction. Ideal for home theatre sound control, condo sound insulation, ultimately improving STC* and IIC** levels.


* STC = Sound Transmission Class

**IIC = Impact Insulation Class